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Answered Aug 20 2017Economic power



There are 5 banks from China in the top 10 (HSBC is largely Hong Kong owned) and there's 20 from China in the top 100.

List of largest banks - Wikipedia



Out of the top 10 companies, 3 are from China.

List of largest companies by revenue - Wikipedia



Soft power

Out of the top 10 information technology companies in the world, China has 2.

List of the largest information technology companies - Wikipedia




Out of the top 10 internet companies, China has 4.

List of largest Internet companies - Wikipedia



If you go to Paris, London, Tokyo or NewYork City, all the large shops where the tourists frequent have Chinese speaking staff. Chinese tourists are the biggest spenders in the world (since they are the richest by far).

如果你去巴黎,伦敦,东京或者纽约,所有旅客经常光顾的大型商场,都会配有会讲汉语的员工。中国游客是世界最大的消费群体(因为他们是目前最富有的)Sports Power

China had the 2nd most medals and 3rd most gold medals in the latest Olympic Games in Rio.

2016 Summer Olympics medal table - Wikipedia




Military Power

When Beijing staged a military parade in 2015, over 50 Presidents and PMs from all over the world flew to Beijing to join the show at the top of Tiananmen Square. President Xi took 2 hours to greet every leader at the entrance of the welcoming ceremony.

2015 China Victory Day Parade - Wikipedia - see list of leaders in attendance



2015中国国庆阅兵仪式-维基百科-看看出席领导人名单 Geopolitical power

When China hosted the hugely successful 2008 Olympics, over 100 world leaders came to Beijing. During the welcoming dinner, they all queue up to shake hands with President Hu Jintao.2008 Summer Olympics opening ceremony - Wikipedia




When President Xi hosted the OBOR forum, heads of states and government, several dozens government leaders came to shake his hand to get a share of the Trillion USD business.Belt and Road Forum - Wikipedia



When Trump wants to meet with Xi, he hosted a special meeting in his resort in Florida. In order to charm Xi and his wife, his grandkids especially learned a Chinese song for them.

This is what you call power.

I doubt there's another country in the world apart from the US matches this in 2017.




Martin Andrews, China watcher.

Answered Sep 18 2017

Dear Chinese readers this is a troll question that is hoping to incite a war of words betweens Indians and Chinese.


If an Indian seriously thinks this question to be true then they are at best delusional.



China GDP: $11.2 trillion 2nd in world (Nominal) $23.2 trillion (PPP) 1st in world




India GDP: $2.454 trillion 6th in world (Nominal) $9.489 trillion (PPP) 3rd in world



Economy of China - Wikipedia Economy of India - Wikipedia

中国经济-维基百科 印度经济-维基百科

In order to have a powerful military one must have an equally powerful economy and China is several times richer than India so that automatically translates to China being several times more powerful than India.


Standard of living (HDI):


China HDI: 0.738 90th in world (improvement of 0.010 points)


India HDI: 0.624 131st in world (improvement of 0.009 points)


List of countries by Human Development Index - Wikipedia


China has a far higher standard of living compared to India and hence its people are happier and stronger.




China military spending: $215.7 billion 2nd in world (1.9% of GDP) (Actual spending maybe understated)


India military spending: $55.9 billion 6th in world(2.5% of GDP)


List of countries by military expenditures - Wikipedia


China’s military spending is far higher than India’s hence it is far more powerful and keep in mind that China may actually be understating its spending so as to prevent ringing alarm bells.




China random sample:


India random sample:

印度城建的随机样本:They are in no way comparable.


Abhishek Chakraborty, PhD Computer Science, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Answered Aug 24 2017

Any sensible educated, or atleast aware, Indian knows that India has a lot of problems to overcome to become most powerful in Asia. No Indian in his/her right mind thinks India is currently at the top; if one does, he/she is a self-deluding fool.



There are huge problems in India w.r.t. Infrastructure, access to Education, Poverty, etc. which China, thanks to its non-democratic regime and comparatively less diverse population, has been able to largely surmount.


But, there are also problems like Corruption, Pollution, Population, etc. which also needs to be dealt with, where even China is at par or worse. So, in a word, India has a long way to go (even US took 100–150 yrs, without global competition) before becoming most powerful nation in Asia.


In near future, I think Asian geopolitics will be shaped mainly by interaction between China, India, Russia and Japan (South Korea, Indonesia and Iran may eventually start playing major roles as well)


Having said that, there is one aspect in which we do believe India has been, is and will remain the foremost country in the world — Spirituality. Sanatana Dharma(Hinduism) is the fountainhead of lofty philosophy and liberating thoughts, and has produced Saints & Sages since time immemorial, some of whom have established their own specific followers worldwide e.g. Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Vaishnavism.

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Wu Wu

upxed Dec 5 2017

Do the Chinese know that India is the most powerful country in Asia?


As a chinese,I just read some news from india yesterday(18/09/2017):


NEW DELHI: India still accounts for the highest number of deaths of children aged below five years, data from the Global Burden of Disease-2016 report, published in the medical journal 'Lancet', show.


Globally, mortality rates have decreased across all age groups over the past five decades, with the largest improvements occurring among children younger than five years. In absolute terms, India recorded the largest number of under-5 deaths in 2016 at 0.9 million, followed by Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which recorded 0.7 million and 0.3 million deaths, respectively.

At 9 lakh in 2016, India’s under-5 mortality rate world’s worst,even North korea and Africa did better than india.


I do have big confidence about india’future,however,if india people treat their own childs in this way,it is really far away from ‘the most powerful country in Asia’.

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Christian Wayne, lived in Taiwan (2014-2015)


upxed Aug 20 2017

I have a few Chinese friends and I asked them in wechat(Chinese whatsapp)yesterday which country is the strongest one in Asia? Guess what? Around half of them answered India, the rest saying Japan, but only ONE told me their country is the most powerful.


So, according to my tests, the most powerful country in Chinese people’s heart is either India or Japan, not China.

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Shu Lee, B.A. in Chinese studies

Answered 22d ago

Yes we all know that facts about Chinese financial power and there is no denying it. However, there is one point to add to the discussion at hand.


The Chinese do know and have already historically conceded that India is or was more powerful than China in terms of religion. The historical evidence for this was what happened with the Chinese monk Xuanzang in the Tang Dynasty (the Golden Age of Chinese cultural power).


Xuanzang travelled to India with the support of the Tang Emperor on a mission to retrieve holy Buddhist scxtures in Sanskrit with the express purpose to learn more about Buddhism. On arrival back to the Tang Dynasty, he was consequently supported by the Tang Emperor (again) to establish a translation bureau for the spread of Buddhism.


This caused a revival of Buddhism within China and spread like wildfire to other Asian nations. Buddhism then became so popular all throughout China and Asia that it is still very evident that its legacy is alive even to this day.


Xuanzang’s journey became so significant to the Chinese that modern Chinese scholars till this day consider the fictional retelling of his journey, called “Journey to the West,” one of the four classics of Chinese literature.


This all originated in India. The legacy of Chinese civilisation is great because it is still alive in Korea, Vietnam and Japan today.


The legacy of Indian civilisation is great because it has influenced Chinese civilisation, rather than the other way round.


This is where most Chinese have to thank the Indians.

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Baldwin Xu, lives in China

upxed Dec 30 2017

Yes,in Asia,India No.1,Japan No.2,China No.3.


We Chinese all think that India is not only the strongest country in Asia,but also

the strongest country all over the world,because you are the biggest democracy country in the world,right?

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Jizhide Daidai, former 2nd Battalion Commander (2013-2016)

upxed Oct 21

yes, most Chinese know that but they don't want to accept this reality right now.Bcz Taiwan is one of few democratic provinces in China,the media in Taiwan province has accept this reality first.Taiwan media has already put US,Russia and Indian as the most three powerful countries .


In fact, India is the first Asian country to have the carrier, India's first aircraft carrier has been built in 2013 in the southern port successfully launched, India currently has three aircraft carriers, India also plans to build three aircraft carriers, one of them is nuclear power.


In the India science and technology, to build a nuclear powered aircraft carrier is absolutely no problem, India is the first country to launch an arrow with 104 stars in the world , also is the second after the United States can fly over Mars country.

The low-key actions of Indian hide Indian’ real power . As time goes by, I think more and more Chinese will to admit the reality in future.

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Gary Hurrysun

Answered Aug 22

Yes Chinese know India is. Higher GDP,higher living level, higher technologies,stronger military, smarter people. India always is the No.1, what a pity South Korean don’t think so, because it is No.1 of universe.

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Hector Mnn, studied at Southwest Minzu University (2013)

Answered Aug 10

No,we Chinese don’t think so,but we do believe some countries,like china, russia ,japan,usa is major powers in Aisa.Japan has a very strong economy for decades and is amilitary ally of usa.Russia is a super military power,a very important game player in aisa.China has the ability to challenge usa dominated power in west Pacific. India is a important player,especially in South Aisa,but not the most powerful country in Aisa . The true dominated power is USA in Aisa.

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Adharsh Rajaram, Software Engineering Analyst at Accenture

Answered Aug 22

I don't think this question makes sense. People of every country don't think the other country is powerful during conflict. This further drives the difference among the two nations. And also, why should you care about what the other nation is thinking about us?

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Sundar Raghumaran, works at Shanghai

Answered Aug 22

I am wondering what do you mean by Power!

Do you think The country is powerful when it defeats the other in War?



I am living in Shanghai for past 1.5 years, I am feeling as safe as I am staying in my home! My house owner was texting me about India and China border issue two days back, and he was saying India is afraid of China.

My answer was….. (I didn’t want to pick a fight)



“Both India and China have a long history of their own! They have Won some and failed some..!

We are proud of our country and we are feeling powerful as the same way as you are thinking about yours.

Being in China, never felt insulted or unsafe! But after hearing this from you! My perspective about you is slightly changing!”



He apologized and we started talking about some sports and stuff!

In my point of view, The one who has the will power to make peace considering the innocents who is going to loose their life when there is a War!



I am not just telling about soldiers, also people who are directly or indirectly affected!!

please ignore my grammatical errors! I am new to write posts…

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Will Charlie, former Teacher at CNU (1997-2001)

Answered Aug 6

Indian always thinks India is the most powerful around the world。it can order any country including USA,China etc。i read too more articles written by Indian。it astonished me。Indian is misled by medias。Indian has the colonist mindset after it had been colonized for several hundred years。Indian should learn more。

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Suresh Chowta, Software Engineer at Google (2017-present)

Answered Aug 6

India is NOT what you think and why do you care about what Chinese think about it. China has progressed rapidly and is miles ahead of where India is. Let that first sink in our minds and work on catching up. We are so obsessed with China. We must get over it and move on.

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