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印媒:为控制人口 印度将效仿中国二胎政策?







[–]motominator -3 points 9 hours ago

Fake news. The regime will never apply it. It will be a dent to future vote bank.


[–]clanlordMaharashtra 19 points 8 hours ago

India has old age issue and everyone wants security. Who will give them that their own heir. It's easy to blame old people that they produced 4-5 kids but they did it for their own safety. We have no policy for old people and the schemes are miserable. Unless we do something about pension plans and oldage schemes people will produce more babies.


[–]desidaarushitty puns ruin lives 2 points 13 hours ago

who not legalize euthanasia for old folks who can't support themselves?


[–]desidaarushitty puns ruin lives 7 points 5 hours ago

I would rather die than being left to beg and starve in old age.


[–]KalyanibarKitna Naaye!! 3 points 4 hours ago

Is it still euthanasia if kids decide that their parents aged 60 needs to die?


[–]SirThighPieceTunak Tunak Tun 20 points 9 hours ago

A better option would be jobs for married woman. The very fact that they remain uneducated and housebound increases the number of children. If you consider the population rate of Indian states separately, it can be seen that reduction in population rate has been achieved in better figures than China via these non coercive methods.


[–]serialparallelkillerTelangana 12 points 9 hours ago*

A better option would be jobs for married woman.

This is so wrong. If they have capabilities they should compete and not given favors. Job market is already saturated and I would be pissed off if I lost a job because I am a man.



Educated middle/upper middle class can barely handle the expenses of one kid.

The upper class has barely any time... or if they do produce 3+ kids... then they can afford it.

Its usually the uneducated and lower class or poor that are popping out kids. Go to any jhuggi, JJ colony or street where there are beggars.... they have 4-6 kids. Mother in laws are pregnant at the same time with their 8th child as the daughter in law's first child.

Obviously they dont care coz they dont have to spend a penny on their hospitalization or education. We are paying it with our taxes.





[–]pannagasamir 29 points 16 hours ago

Also lack of family planning awareness in the uneducated and lower class people about Contraception

Then there is the whole controversy regarding vasectomy thanks to sanjay gandhi and lot of myths regarding it



[–]bikbar 13 points 14 hours ago

It can be done in some other way. All the women at the age group of 18 to 40 could be given Rs 500 per month. The condition should be having not more than 2 children. It would be a strong encouragement for birth control. Moreover, earning money will improve the position of women in the poor and backward societies. Killing of girl children and dowry related deaths will also be reduced considerably. Poor moms with some money will also results in better health and education for their children.

The cost for such a project would be like this. There are about 15 cr women at that age group; So the cost will be Rs 90000 cr per annum. The cost of all women and children related central schemes was about 180000 cr in the most recent budget. The cost of 7th cpc was more than 1lakh cr. So, it is doable.



[–]hmm_ohh 3 points 4 hours ago

You would still need the women and children related schemes though.


[–]AlphaXor 3 points 3 hours ago

All the women at the age group of 18 to 40 could be given Rs 500 per month. The condition should be having not more than 2 children.

How are you going keep track of that?


[–]AlphaXor 2 points 3 hours ago

If you want to take more than two children then be fucking rich enough to take care of them. Don't let them roll around in the footpath begging for food.


[–]svmk1987 1 point 2 hours ago

The only people who will really get affected by this are the poor.


[–]awkward_pause_ -3 points 16 hours ago

This can't be done in a democratic country imo. It will definitely violate the constitution. Right to privacy is definitely violated, as well integrity and dignity of life.

Any lawyer could weigh in?


[–]Fukitol13 13 points 16 hours ago

Our population is too unweildy as it is.refusing to take drastic measures now will lead to collapse.


[–]charavaka 0 points 8 hours ago

So much freedom and liberty. This is why Indian democracy will be the greatest!


[–]Noice_b8_m8Muth maro, insaan nhi 2 points 2 hours ago

yeah producing more and more kids will make us great !! Avant Garde!!


[–]AlphaXor 5 points 3 hours ago

Yes, right of have multiple children which will be underfed, unhealthy, uneducated and which will be used to beg when they are young and will ultimately become a criminal when they grow up.




[–]charavaka [score hidden] 40 minutes ago

Nope. Letting people make their own choices after providing them education, healthcare, housing and jobs will.